Now you can make your very own green electricity by fitting one of our new high-power, two- or four-panel solar PV systems.

Designed to go virtually anywhere, almost every unit of electricity generated by your Mini or Midi solar PV system comes directly off your electricity bill – so it makes sense to fit one, even if you don’t use much energy during the day.

With no quarterly meter readings, no EPC requirement and no paperwork, it couldn’t be simpler to enjoy the benefits of owning your own Roxon Mini or Midi solar PV system.

Another bonus? If you move house you can even take your system with you!

Prices start at £1050, including VAT, with returns of up to 10% – TAX FREE!

NB: Returns estimate based on an unshaded, four-panel Midi system. Annual generation of 964 approx. units at 15p/p unit = £144.60 worth of electricity (11.17%). Prices are typical, subject to survey. Excluded from Roxon ‘refer a friend’ scheme.