Most weeks we receive at least one telephone call from a solar PV customer wondering why their GEO Solo I, II or III monitor display has stopped working.

Nine times out of 10, this problem is down to the batteries in the transmitter.

We would expect a normal set of AAs to keep powering your transmitter for at least a year, but they will, at some point, need to be replaced.

Toward the end of their life the battery symbol on the display unit should flash to let you know the batteries in your transmitter need replacing. When this happens, now’s the time to grab three new AAs and head to your electric meter.

Replacing the batteries in your GEO’s transmitter unit is a two-minute job and as easy as replacing the batteries in your TV remote.

Battery change

You will usually find the transmitter located next to your electric meter. Simply remove the outer cover, take out the old batteries and replace them with three new AAs.

It may take a couple of minutes but, once the new batteries are in place, the little ‘lightning bolt’ on the PV monitor should be on, indicating your unit is functioning as normal.

You shouldn’t have to pair or reset the transmitter and monitor following a simple battery replacement. However, should your monitor have lost its signal with the transmitter, GEO have produced a really helpful video tutorial which takes you through the simple reset and pairing procedure.

To view the video, simply click on the link here.