The Government has heeded the evidence and unprecedented support for solar power and softened the feared Feed-in Tariff (FIT) ‘blow’.

As we enter 2016, the good news for householders, business owners and the solar PV industry in general, is that solar is still a fantastic investment, with the average domestic and small-scale commercial solar PV system still capable of earning an exceptionally healthy return through the FIT and savings on utility bills.

Commenting on the Government’s response to the Feed-in Tariff review, Paul Barwell, CEO of the Solar Trade Association, said: “Solar power will still remain a great investment for forward-thinking home owners who want to protect themselves from volatile energy prices and do their bit to reduce global carbon emissions.”

As well as realising healthy returns through both the feed-in and export tariffs, homeowners and small businesses can also benefit by changing the way they use their generated electricity through higher day-time usage or via storage, which is now a rapidly developing market.

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