Study: Mammals thrive in Chernobyl nuclear power plant exclusion zone
by Katherine Jacobsen
MOSCOW (AP) — Nearly 30 years after a nuclear reactor caught fire and spewed a lethal cloud of radiation, some species of mammals are thriving in the zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, a new study says.
The study, published in the journal Current Biology, found that elk, deer, wild boar and wolves are abundant in the 2,160-sqkm (835-sqmile) Polesie reserve in Belarus, which was established after the 1986 disaster. More than 20,000 people once lived in what is now the reserve.

Win an iPad Mini at Solar Energy UK
by Liam Stoker
Waxman Energy has teamed up with module manufacturer BenQ Solar to give away an iPad Mini at Solar Energy UK.
The distributor will be hosting a Nintendo Wii tournament at its stand throughout the week. Participants with the highest scores will be placed into a prize draw, and the winner will take home an iPad Mini on the final day of the exhibition.


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