by Amanda Froelich

The solar-powered Mayflower, a high-tech, solar-and-wind-powered ship, will soon follow the same route its pioneering namesake took, “from Plymouth to Plymouth”— exactly 400 years later. (Picture credit: Popular Science)

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Westcountry now makes enough green power on sunny days to be self-sufficient

by WMNJBayley

The South West is self-sufficient and even able to export electricity on sunny summer days, the region’s renewable industry body has revealed.
The potential power of Devon and Cornwall’s surge in solar energy production is highlighted as new official figures showed that more than a quarter of the UK’s electricity came from renewables this spring.
So-called ‘clean energy’ has for the first time overtaken coal, National Grid the latest data has shown.

BT and Sir Ben Ainslie in renewable energy campaign

Olympic and America’s Cup sailor Sir Ben Ainslie and BT have joined forces to launch 100% Sport – a global initiative to inspire sports fans around the world to take action to tackle climate change and reduce carbon emissions by using renewable energy.


How bad is your city’s air pollution? This map will tell you…

by Alexandra Ma

Ever wondered about how your town or travel destination’s air quality might affect your health? Here’s your chance to find out.

On September 18th, the Beijing-based environmental nonprofit Air Quality Index China released a real-time, interactive map displaying air pollution levels around the world. The AQICN map, which automatically updates every 15 minutes, compiles verified data from official environmental protection agencies about 1,000 locations, and displays each site’s air quality index on the map.

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Bees’ tongues are getting shorter because of climate change

by Ed Yong

If you think about iconic symbols of climate change, you’ll probably picture a polar bear, emaciated, and clinging to a precariously small chunk of ice. You’re probably not thinking of a bumblebee, flitting about an alpine meadow with a shorter-than-average tongue.

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