VIDEO: Attenborough joins call for Global Apollo Programme to accelerate clean energy

by Andy Colthorpe

Major names in world science and other fields have signed up to endorse the Global Apollo Programme (GAP), which aims to make clean energy competitive with fossil fuels within 10 years.

Conservationist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough is perhaps the most high-profile new signatory to the programme proposed earlier this year by scientists, economists and energy experts including Sir David King, former chief scientific advisor to Britain’s government, and currently its climate change envoy.

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Shocking polar bear photos show stark reality of climate change

by Cole Mellino

The polar bears in Svalbard, a remote group of islands in the Arctic, are not doing well, according to photographer Kerstin Langenberger.

Langenberger posted on her Facebook: “I see the summers being so pleasant (and warm) as never before. I see the glaciers calving, retreating dozens to hundreds of metres every year. I see the pack ice disappearing in record speed. Yes, I have seen bears in good shape—but I have also seen dead and starving polar bears. Bears walking on the shores, looking for food, bears trying to hunt reindeer, eating bird’s eggs, moss and seaweed.”

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