Solar power passes milestone
by Timothy Cama
Solar power installations in the United States passed 20 gigawatts of capacity in the second quarter of this year, the industry said.
The March-through-June period saw 1,393 megawatts of solar power capacity installed, dominated as usual by utility installations, pushing the total market above 20 gigawatts for the first time, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) said in its quarterly market report.
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New discovery could lead to water-powered cars
by Katie Walls
Instead of using gasoline to operate your car, imagine using water combined with the power of the sun.
Such a goal may not be out of the question, thanks to a new method of harnessing solar energy discovered by Dr. Tim Lian, a professor of physical chemistry at Emory University.
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This will be a breakout year for batteries
by Katie Fehrenbacher
Projects using low-cost lithium-ion batteries are booming, transforming how energy is stored across the US.
Batteries that let utilities, businesses and solar panel owners store energy is a rapidly growing market. And it’s not just because Tesla, the buzzy automaker, has given the so-called grid battery industry a big boost in visibility by introducing its own line of industrial-sized batteries.
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UK poll reveals ‘overwhelming’ public support for community renewables
by Edie Newsroom
More than three quarters of UK households would support renewable energy projects such as wind turbines and solar farms if the profits generated benefitted the local community, a poll has found.
Co-operative Energy polled 2000 UK adults in order to reveal public attitudes on community projects in the wake of the Government’s decision to consult on subsidy withdrawals for community energy generation investment.
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London’s iconic Tate Modern to install solar PV array
by Peter Bennett
London’s iconic Tate Modern will soon be generating its own renewable electricity after the gallery revealed that it will install an 82kWp solar array this month.
The solar installation is being donated by London-based PV company Solarcentury, a corporate partner of Tate Modern. The solar array will mark a 21st Century makeover for the former power station which last generated electricity in 1981.
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Farewell and thank you to our UK editor Peter Bennett
by Solar Media staff
Peter Bennett, editor of Solar Power Portal, and sister publications Next Energy News and Solar Business Focus UK, is to step down from his role today.
After four years working for parent company Solar Media, he is leaving to take on new challenges.
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Green energy for the poor
by Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
An innovative business model combining solar power and cellphones is electrifying parts of rural Africa that are far from the grid.
It’s called M-KOPA. The “M” stands for “mobile,” and “kopa” means “to borrow.” The company’s customers make an initial deposit, roughly $30, toward a solar panel, a few ceiling lights, and charging outlets for cellphones — a system that would cost about $200.
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