The UK’s first solar home – 20 years later
by Peter Bennett
Twenty years ago, Professor Sue Roaf had an ambition to power her home from the energy generated by the sun.
Sceptics dismissed her, scoffing that solar photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies couldn’t possibly work in the UK – you’d need the sun to shine. Nevertheless Roaf pressed on, adamant that solar would sit at the heart of her visionary Oxford Ecohouse.
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Exeter University examines new ways of generating solar PV based on butterfly wings
by Robin Whitlock
Researchers at the University of Exeter have discovered that by mimicking the V-shaped posture of Cabbage White butterflies, power generated by solar panels can be increased by almost 50 per cent.
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Solar once again UK’s most popular renewable energy technology
by Liam Stoker
Solar has once again topped the Department for Energy and Climate Change’s public attitudes tracker as the UK’s most popular renewable energy technology.
Statistics recently released by the DECC revealed that 81% of those surveyed supported solar, higher than any other renewable source of energy, while just 6% said they opposed its deployment.
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Germany breaks renewable energy record
by Emily J. Gertz
Germany’s transition from coal- and oil-fired power to carbon-free electricity hit a new milestone on July 25 when solar, wind, and other sources of renewable energy met 78 percent of the day’s energy demand.
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Green Party leader Natalie Bennett meets Frome supporters

Green Party leader impressed by solar energy project in town tour
by Somerset Standard
The Cheese and Grain in Frome, Somerset, was packed with more than 220 people who turned out to hear Green Party leader Natalie Bennett give a talk.
Ms Bennett had been invited along to a meeting, which was chaired by Green Party district councillor Shane Collins.
During her talk she praised local projects to develop renewable power generation in the Frome area.
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 World’s lightest and most compact electric bike can fold into a backpack
by Lorraine Chow
Folding bikes are already incredibly convenient, but throw in a battery and an electric motor, and now it’s a bike commuter’s dream.
At 26 pounds, the A-Bike Electric claims to be the lightest and most compact e-bike in the world.
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