VIDEO: One Direction call on fans to ‘change our future’ in climate change plea
by Peter Bennett
One Direction have released a video asking their fans to make their voice heard over climate change ahead of the climate change summit in Paris this year.
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Green sector reacts to Conservatives’ 2015 budget
by Peter Bennett
The renewables sector is wiping its collective brow after ominous reports in the mainstream media that suggested George Osborne was readying a review of subsidies proved false.
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This solar house in Leicestershire is the first fully solar-powered
new-build home to be constructed in the UK.

Could solar power recharge green industry?
by Will Sargent, Swipe reporter
Next year the Government wants all new homes in the UK to meet zero carbon standards – and solar power could be key.
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National Trust launches £30 million renewables investment
by Liam Stoker
The National Trust is to make its “biggest ever” investment in renewable energy, pledging £30 million to install various generation technologies across its estate..
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Solar Energy from Africa could light up UK homes by 2018
by Ben Television
Investors are asking the UK government for funding to import renewable energy from Tunisia to the UK. Aware that crude oil won’t last for long, several overseas energy producers have been scrambling to bring green energy, particularly solar and wind, to their respective home countries.
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