As the saying goes, the sun shines on the righteous, so Citizen prizewinner Susan Adams must be feeling particularly virtuous following the installation of her new solar PV system.

Having learned last month that she was the lucky winner of the Citizen, Echo and Stroud Life ‘Win a solar PV system’ competition, Susan is enjoying the current spell of good weather more than most, courtesy of her newly-installed solar system.

Speaking on the day of her installation, Susan said: “It’s been fantastic. The installation team turned up about 9am and were finished by 3pm.

“They worked really hard and the installation has gone really smoothly. I can’t wait to start enjoying my free electricity.”

After years of wanting solar panels for her home in Highnam, Gloucester, avid Citizen reader Susan set about collecting the special numbered tokens printed daily in the newspaper when the competition launched in February.

“When we first moved into our house a few years ago we looked at getting solar panels fitted, but they were just too expensive back then,” she explained.

“So when I saw the competition in the paper I knew I just had to enter.”

Those weeks of religiously collecting the tokens paid off for Susan when she learned that hers was the winning entry drawn from the hat.

“I was so shocked when the Citizen rang me to tell me I had won – I didn’t believe it at first,” she laughed.

“I thought it was one of my family members playing a practical joke.”

Susan’s home now sports a 4kW solar PV array – a split system comprising eight panels on the front and a further eight on the rear of her east/west facing roof.

With her solar PV now up and running, not only will she and her family benefit from seeing their electricity bills reduced, they will also receive several hundred pounds a year through the feed-in tariff – the Government’s clean energy cash-back scheme.

They are also looking forward to a summer of free hot water, courtesy of a next-generation microgen heating product called a Solar iBoost, which diverts any surplus electricity generated by her PV system to her immersion tank.

Susan’s solar prize was supplied and installed by Gloucester solar PV specialists Roxon Electrical. Managing director Chris James explained why he decided to give away a free solar PV system.

“We have enjoyed a fantastic 12 months and seen a significant rise in the number of domestic and commercial solar PV installations being carried out,” he said.

“We wanted to share in our good fortune by giving away a free solar PV system and the Citizen, Echo and Stroud Life very kindly assisted us in our quest to find a worthy recipient.

“We’re absolutely delighted for Susan and hope she enjoys all the benefits her solar PV system will bring her and her family for years to come.”

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