In the Summer 2014 issue of our newsletter we celebrated the first anniversary of the completion of the 50kWp solar installation at the Lancaster Centre on Meteor Business Park in Staverton.
After generating an amazing 18.5% more green electricity in the first 12 months than Roxon’s original 40,000kWh forecast, the business centre’s owner, Mr George Dowty, is understandably delighted with the return he is receiving and has since gone on to commission further solar installations at a number of his business premises – most noticeably at Meteor’s sister site, Innsworth Technology Park (ITP).
Having seen the emergence of solar panels on many a rooftop at ITP, Stuart Diesel, managing director at GroupHES Ltd, which enjoys a prime spot on the technology park, decided he wanted a slice of the solar action.
Further swayed by the return he was enjoying through the FIT and the savings on his domestic electricity bills, courtesy of a fantastic summer and the 10kW solar PV system Roxon installed at his barn, stables and home in Shurdington earlier this year, Stuart commissioned a 33kWp solar system for his business premises at Innsworth.
Covering approximately 50 per cent of the 530m2 roof, the system, comprising 132 x 250wP panels, was installed by the team in just under three days. Set to generate around 27,555 kW per annum, Stuart can look forward to a return of several thousand pounds a year through the Feed-in Tariff and savings on electricity, adding up to a forecast £250,000 return over the next 25 years.
Stuart evidently knows a good investment when he sees one! 
Originally published November 10th, 2014