Wiltshire’s solar boom so big now more than half the homes can be powered by the sun
by Tristan Cork
So many solar farms have been built or are planned in Wiltshire that this year more than half the county’s homes could be powered from the sun.
That was the staggering figure released by the county’s biggest renewable energy provider, Good Energy, which said that from virtually no solar farms anywhere in the county a matter of three years ago, to break the 50 per cent mark was ‘incredible’.
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More than 125,000 UK homes installed solar PV last year
by James Ayre
More than 125,000 homes in the UK installed solar PV systems on their roofs last year, according to the latest statistics on small-scale installations from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).
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Residential solar PV sees first “growth-triggered” FIT reduction
by GreenWise staff
Feed-in tariff (FiT) rates for solar PV systems under 10 kilowatt (kw) in size will ‘degress’ by 3.5 per cent from April 2015 thanks to capacity deployed in the last quarter of 2014 exceeding 100 megawatt (MW) for the first time.
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How renewables can come to the rescue in disaster zones
by Jon Card, The Guardian
When people’s lives are thrown into chaos by war, famine or natural disaster, using renewable energy may not seem like an obvious response. However, a group of UK entrepreneurs believes that decentralised renewable energy could provide a cheap and immediate source of power to those who need it most.
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Belectric reveals battery storage facility at large-scale PV plant
by Michael Fuhs
Belectric and Vattenfall cut the ribbon for a new battery storage facility at the Alt Daber solar power plant in Germany.
This large-scale battery storage system, the first to be installed at a large PV farm, is set to put the solar park’s operator on a equal footing with conventional power plants. The lead-acid batteries installed at the part are designed to provide primary operating reserve to the high-voltage transmission network.
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Solar-powered schoolbags
by Helen Morgan
Repurpose’s schoolbags are more than a way for students to schlep books. Designed with underprivileged South African schoolchildren in mind, the backpacks feature a rechargeable solar panel that transforms into a “homework lantern” after sundown.
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Repurpose’s upcycled, solar-powered backpacks

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