Roxon introduces its new range of Mini and Midi solar PV systems

Now you can make your very own green electricity by fitting one of our new high-power, two- or four-panel solar PV systems.

Designed to go virtually anywhere, almost every unit of electricity generated by your Mini or Midi solar PV system comes directly off your electricity bill – so it makes sense to fit one, even […]

Refer a friend and earn yourself a £150 ‘thank you’ from Roxon Electrical

They say the best form of advertising is word of mouth – undoubtedly, people trust the recommendations of those whose opinions they respect, far more than any form of advertising or marketing.

Increasingly we are installing solar PV for customers who have come to us on the personal recommendation of someone who has already had a […]

Why’s my GEO Solo PV monitor stopped working?

Most weeks we receive at least one telephone call from a solar PV customer wondering why their GEO Solo I, II or III monitor display has stopped working.
Nine times out of 10, this problem is down to the batteries in the transmitter.
We would expect a normal set of AAs to keep powering your transmitter for at […]

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Why the future’s looking bright for solar PV

The rather protracted government response to the Department of Energy and Climate Change Feed-in Tariff Review was eventually published in December last year, putting all those in the solar sector out of their misery after months of uncertainty and speculation.
Happily, the news wasn’t as bad as most feared, and the solar industry breathed a collective sigh of (semi) […]

2016 Feed-in Tariff levels for homeowners and small businesses increased significantly on proposals

The Government has heeded the evidence and unprecedented support for solar power and softened the feared Feed-in Tariff (FIT) ‘blow’.

As we enter 2016, the good news for householders, business owners and the solar PV industry in general, is that solar is still a fantastic investment, with the average domestic and small-scale commercial solar PV system […]

This week’s news: Coal falls behind renewables in UK electricity market for first time…

Young Tanzanian entrepreneur switches on rural areas with solar energy
In 2003, nine-year-old George Mtemahanji left his home in Ifakara, a small rural town in Tanzania’s Kilombero District, to move to Italy where his mother had managed to secure work. It was eight years before he was able to return to his birth town, and he […]

This week’s news: Tory silence on climate, MP slams ‘draconian’ FIT cut AND how to win an iPad Mini

Hardly any mention of climate change at Tory Conference
by Christine Ottery
It’s been an interesting Tory Conference from a climate perspective in terms of what has – and hasn’t – been talked about.
Neither prime minister David Cameron nor the head of his climate and energy department, Amber Rudd – both of whom have pledged their commitment […]

Solar-powered Mayflower to cross the Atlantic 400 years after pilgrim voyage

by Amanda Froelich

The solar-powered Mayflower, a high-tech, solar-and-wind-powered ship, will soon follow the same route its pioneering namesake took, “from Plymouth to Plymouth”— exactly 400 years later. (Picture credit: Popular Science)

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Westcountry now makes enough green power on sunny days to be self-sufficient

by WMNJBayley
The South West is self-sufficient and even able to export electricity on sunny […]

Broadcaster and naturalist gets behind world’s 10-year plan for cheaper, cleaner energy

VIDEO: Attenborough joins call for Global Apollo Programme to accelerate clean energy
by Andy Colthorpe
Major names in world science and other fields have signed up to endorse the Global Apollo Programme (GAP), which aims to make clean energy competitive with fossil fuels within 10 years.
Conservationist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough is perhaps the most high-profile new signatory […]

Solar power passes milestone: All the latest news and events from the solar and renewable energy sector

Solar power passes milestone
by Timothy Cama
Solar power installations in the United States passed 20 gigawatts of capacity in the second quarter of this year, the industry said.
The March-through-June period saw 1,393 megawatts of solar power capacity installed, dominated as usual by utility installations, pushing the total market above 20 gigawatts for the first time, the Solar […]